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Issue #2 Available Now!!!

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Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, but what happens when mad men pervert this gift? This story begins with a crazed scientist, simply known as The Doctor, who exacts his terroristic wrath on the world. The Doctor has formulated a deadly, never before seen, neurotoxin and he releases it on the unsuspecting public when his demands are not met. When a promising young Toxicologist named Alana Víbora comes close to neutralizing the toxin, The Doctor becomes enraged and digs deep into his bag of genetic experiments to stop her. You see, The Doctor specializes in creating deadly Chimeras from assorted animal DNA, but that isn’t the sickest part… he plans on making Alana the star of his next experiment. In order to protect Alana from this lethal threat, an elite group of enhanced mercenaries are brought in, codenamed The Savage Beasts. The plot thickens once it is uncovered that The Doctor and The Savage Beasts have a deep history together that no one was aware of…

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